• Individual account
  • Individual salary account
  • Joint account
  • Group account
  • Non-profit making organizations
  • Partnership account
  • Sole proprietorship/enterprise account
  • Limited liability company account
  • Public limited liability company (plc)
  • Executors/administrators/trustees account

Requirement for opening of accounts

Individual current account:

  1. The prospective client shall collect opening form for completion and return
  2. Provide satisfactory references operating personal current account with the bank or in any commercial bank. One (1) recent coloured photgraph passport size
  3. Satisfactory means of identification (either current driver’s license, national identity card,international passportor voers’ card)
  4. Utility bill
  5. Mandatory initial deposit
  6. Submission of bank verification number (bvn) of each signatory where more than one
  7. Prospective client/customer without bvn will be registered immediately

Salary account

One independent reference and letter of introduction from the employer

Joint account

Two (2) independent references shall be provided by each signatory

Partnership account

  1. Copy of certificate of registration
  2. Copy of partnership deed
  3. Power of attorney if applicable
  4. Authority to debit account for search charges
  5. Extract of the minutes of meeting or the resolution authorising the opening of account and appointment of signatories to the account

Enterprise/sole proprietorship

  1. Copy of the certificate of registration
  2. Copy of the application for the registration of business name
  3. Letter of authority to debit account for search charges

Limited liability company

  1. Certified true copy of memorandum and article of association (memart)
  2. Copy of the certificate of incorporation
  3. Copy of form co7 or cac 2.3 (particulars of directors)
  4. Extract of board resolution authorising the opening of account
  5. Letter of authority to debit account fro searc charges

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