About Fixed Asset Acquisition Scheme

The product/scheme allows individual to own fixed asset items popularly called ‘households’. You can obtain loan to purchase any items of your choice as long you meet various conditions attached. This facility is a lease in nature.

  • Be a nigerian citizen with proper indentification (kyc)
  • Repayment is weekly/monthly as the case may be
  • Individual beneficiary completes loan form
  • Loan processing period depend on the satisfactory meeting the condition requirements
  • 30% contribution of the cost of asset to buy
  • Lien is placed on the item finaced
  • Personal guarantee required

Fixed asset acquisition scheme Products

Reducing balance Mode of interest charge

Household B (60% p. A in 6 months)

This take care of all items

Beneficiary contributes 30% of cost of item of your choice

Household C (60% p.a in 9-12 months)

This takes care of motor vehile/car

Beneficiary contributes 30% of cost.

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