About Personal Loan

Loan are accessed by individual/corporate entity to boost their trades. Categories of loan are classified into commercial (boosting business activities that is going to fetch the beneficiaries profit) and consumer (meeting personal need that are very urgent in nature such as payment of school fees, house rent and various needs that are not profit based).

  • Repayment are scheduled which may be either reduced or equal on monthly basis
  • Processing charges applicable
  • Be an existing customer with a satisfactory current/salary account
  • Be a nigerian citizen with proper identification (kyc)
  • Personal guarantee requiered
  • Tangible collateral requiered
  • Completion of various loan documents
  • Amount is considered within the single obligor limit
  • Evidence of bank verification number (bvn)
  • Guarantee of employer in the case of salary earner
  • If corporate, evidence of business registration (copy submitted and searches will be conducted from the corporate affairs commission for proof of registration. Cost of search borne by the applicant)

Term Loan Products

Reducing balance Mode of interest charge

Commercial / Business (60% p. A in 6 months)

This is for those that want to boost the capital of their existing trade.

Loan is not giving to those that are just starting business

Consumer (48% p.a in 12 months)

This is a consuming loan available to the salary earners/workers in any reputable organization. The purpose of this facility is to reduce stress any individual salary earner may face in the course of his/her employment to meet financial obligations that come up before salary is paid.

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