About Rufin Loan

This is the product designed to people in the rural areas to assist in boosting their agricultural practices and micro enterprises and extending banking services. Apart from the farmers those who engages in micro businesses and artisans could also the benefits under this product.

This has a 20% flat in  6 months with a Scheduled payment

  • Loan giving to an identified group of people
  • Be a nigerian citizen with proper indentification (kyc)
  • Group guarantee based
  • Mandatory savings required
  • Minmum membership of 5 and maximum of 10 people
  • Weekly repayment
  • To complete facility form by individual beneficiary
  • 4 weeks loan processing period
  • 15% contribution of amount required
  • Loan approval based on the recommendation of group executives
  • Tangible collateral to support the loan needed

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