About Local purchase order (lpo)

This product or loan is geared toward those who have a contract/project to execute but could not raise the money that will be involved to finish the job all alone.  Bank will study the nature of job/contract and carry out necessary assesment by sighting the physical place of job or evidencies and place of award.

This has a 72% p.A in  3 months with an On principal Interest charging rate

  • The beneficiary must be a nigerian citizen/enterprise with some form of identification (kyc)
  • Bulk payment once
  • Repayment can also be segmented on agreement but not exceeding maturity
  • Principal based on project amount but within the single obligor limit
  • Careful study of the project to be executed
  • Level of contribution already commited to the project to be financed will be assessed to aid bank’s decision

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